Why The Ban On Cell Phones?!

Brittany, Writer

Franklin High School, much like many other schools around, ban the use of cell phones during school hours unless stated by a faculty member.

Cell phones should be allowed in places of learning such as school with the modern day world our generation has grown up in.

Walking down the halls of Franklin High you will notice that almost every student has a high tech smart phone in the palm of their hand. Students are always using their phones whether it be in the hallways or in class.

“If a student uses his or her cell phone or electronic device during a class period (in a classroom, hallway, bathroom, cafeteria), the equipment will be confiscated by school staff and secured in A or B House.”, stated by the student handbook.

It is not fair that students may not use their electronic devices during school hours. We live in a modern day century where students need their cell phones just to help them concentrate.

“Music engages the brain over a period of time and the process of listening to music could be a way that the brain sharpens its ability to anticipate events and sustain attention”, says Johnathan Berger, a professor of music when conducting a study of the affects of music on the brain.

Even a study on music and the brain suggests that students who listen to music while they do work, have an easier time concentrating. Teachers should not ban the use of cell phones from their class room because most teenagers have all their music on their cellular devices.

If teachers allowed students to listen to music while doing their work, it is almost guaranteed students would get their work done more efficiently.

” I always have my ipod and cell phone on me and use it whenever I can during class. Music helps me concentrate so much more and I feel naked without my phone. Checking my phone is a ritual for me and I get antsy when I can’t” says Melissa Karp, Junior at FHS.

Myself, along with other student believe that it is just part of our modern day world to have and constantly check your cell phone. When I am not able to check my phone I become even more distracted than when I have my phone.

“But I see why the school made the cell phone policy, some students would use it as a distraction to others if they were constantly taking phone calls or something”, says Karp. 

So maybe the school does have a method to their madness and does not want students constantly chatting away on their phones during class or listening to their ipods during lectures. But what if they allowed students to have their phones visible during the period or listen to their ipods during individual work?

Having an electronic device may be a distraction for some people but for most, it can better their work ethics.

Should students be allowed to use their electronic devices during class?


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