Tommy Corsi, FHS #1 Fan

What is the best of winter? It is the holidays? Is it the snow? No its neither; it is definitely pond hockey with all your friends not giving any cares in the world, just skating around on the frozen water playing a pickup game.

“Pond Hockey is the best!” said Senior Hockey Fan Jimmy Henchy.

Why is it the best?

Pond hockey is for everyone. High School hockey kids to the average player to kids like me who have no skill at all. It is just a fun time for all even if you are the best player out there.

Street hockey is one thing but Pond Puck is a whole other thing. Being outside with all your friends is just fun.

This is an opportunity for anyone whose hockey skills are less than par to just have fun playing the sport on ice. It lets them live their dream of scoring the winning goal or just cellying hard.

If its Beaver Pond or a pond in your back woods or even a homemade rink; It doesn’t matter just put on your skates and have fun.

“Pond hockey lets me play the sport that I never want to competitively. I get to goof off and not get yelled at by a coach” said Henchy.

“I don’t have to try and be the best,” said FHS Varsity Hockey player Aidan Isberg.

“I can just have fun and not care how I play” said Isberg.

“It’s a way of life’ said Former Franklin High Alum Jack Corsi.

“If you don’t have NHL, you have pond hockey. If you don’t have college hockey, you have pond hockey” said Corsi.

It is just an enjoyable way to be outside playing a nice friendly game of ice hockey with no worries in the world. Plus you do not have to worry about not having ice time at a local rink, just find the nearest pond and lace up.