FHS Alumni Report: Andrew Hood

FHS Alumni Report: Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood at the Air Force Academy Holiday Invitational in December photo from goairforcefalcons.com.

Franklin High School-Ken and Stephen Parece 2012 All-State 4x400 Andrew Hood lead off leg

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

Every once in a while there is a person that comes along that excels in so many things. and impacts so many people’s lives so much so that it leaves everyone around them in amazement. Franklin High School had one of those kids in last year’s graduating class. His name as many of you know is Andrew Hood.

Many students who knew Hood know that he left behind quite a legacy at FHS, a legacy that included him breaking the school mile record, being the class vice president, finishing in the top 5% of his class, being a drum major in band and being a member of the National Honor Society.

“He is one of the most outstanding young men that I’ve ever encountered.” FHS history teacher Mr. Penza said “He was just a really good kid that reached out and cared about all of his classmates.”

But where is Hood now? Where has life taken him now since graduating FHS?

Seven months ago after getting recognized for all the goals he accomplished at graduation, Hood began the toughest test of his life when he entered basic training for the Air Force Academy.

“It was six weeks of missing my family and miserableness” Hood said “It was incredibly high stressed, you had to learn to think that everything wasnt as bad as it seemed and you had to let it roll of your shoulders and not let it bother you.”

After Hood completed the rigerous basic training he started his first semester at the Air Force Academy where he joined the cross country and track team.

“The first semester wasn’t that bad” Hood said “With school work, track practice and military training it was a lot but I was use to that from doing multiple activities in high school.”

College life has pertained well to Hood but he still feels  the challenges and expectations that college brings.

“College is very high stakes” Hood said “There are fewer opportunities to succeed and fewer opportunities to get noticed, you half to be on the ball all the time if you want to be successful.”

Hood is on to bigger and better things at the AirForce Academy will always be remembered for all he accomplished at his time at FHS and he will be remembered for all lives he impacted  and all the people he affected. He will also be remembered for the person he was in high school and now is in college.

Once a legend, always a legend and thats what Andrew Hood is and will always be, a legend.