Class Pages go from Fbook to Itslearning

Ashley Jennings, Staff

Every grade has a Facebook page run by the class officers but now the school is making the group go to itslearning. Itslearning is meant to allow you to post assignments and check what your homework is. Most don’t go on Itslearning just for fun.

The Facebook page was convenient because anytime something was posted the notification would pop up. Not only that everybody could comment on the posts and ask questions about school related things. After breaks they will even post the schedule so that everyone knows ahead of time.

Quite simply the Facebook page was convenient. It took away the awkwardness of asking questions in person because you could just post it and anyone could answer you. It also allowed for

I feel as though now that it will be on Itslearning I will never know what is going on and what the due dates are. I never go on Itslearning unless I need to. If I don’t know I need to check the class page then I will never do such.

How do you feel about the change?


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