Dare to be different or complying with fashion norms?

Kaitlin Copponi rocking her own personal style

Kaitlin Copponi rocking her own personal style

Ashley Jennings, Staff

Upon entering Franklin High you will see the halls scattered with many girls wearing practically the same thing. One of the most common outfits is a denim button down or sweater, black leggings, a scarf, riding boots and leg warmers.

While I am not saying this is a bad outfit-I myself wear something similar on a day to day basis-but i just question why?

Why is it that practically all of the girls are wearing the same thing? Are we all just so uncreative that we just follow what everyone else is wearing or do we genuinely like it?

A few other things you’ll see when walking around are yoga pants and hoodies from Victoria Secret. Jeans from Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle.

In my opinion many are just going with the flow. People who want to fit in will look the part.

When it comes to fashion I feel that people should wear what ever they want as opposed to sticking to a particular style. There are people who will wear any “style” they want resulting in their own personal style. Personal style is an important way to express yourself and show who you are.

“I just honestly dont care” comments Olivia Staves a Franklin High School Senior whose outfit of choice is jeans, a sweat shirt and fur boots. “I go for comfort not style.”

“I Personally like to check out what’s in fashion but also have my own style” Franklin High School senior Kaitlin Copponi says about her style “I like the tribal and hippie style which also gives me my own style. Comfort isn’t always the way to go if you want to express yourself.”

I agree that riding boots and leggings are what I wear practically daily I dont try to be like everybody else and follow the trends. I always try to put my own personal flare on what I wear.

Do you follow the Fashion norms?


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