Open Mic Night…A Time to Showcase

Open Mic Night...A Time to Showcase

Sam and Tatyana covering a John Meyer song at Thursday’s Open Mic Night.

Thank You to Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen, Knower of all things music

Open Mic Night took place Thursday, March 13th bringing the stars out.

New comer Mr. Wall has been doing some pretty amazing things in his short time at Franklin High so far. Mr. Wall the Audio Production teacher, and also the leader of Music Production club has not only taught his students more then they could imagine this year, but he is also looking to showcase the talent hidden within the Franklin High walls.

Wall has started the trend of having an open mic night every couple of months. The first was early this year and was a much bigger success then even he thought. So why not have another one. Thursday marked the night of the second open mic night. Another night another success.

There was an amazing turn out Thursday night and some really incredible musicians played. Giving them not only confidence but a low key time to show case there stuff.

I caught up with Mr. Wall before the show to ask him about the purpose of these open mic nights.

“It allows the students of Franklin High to express themselves…And it gives them an oppertunity  to person in a low pressure environment then in some of our more formal performances. Said Wall.

Before the show went on I got a chance to speak with one performer Devon Maloof and asked him why he thought these open mic nights are important.

“I think the benefit is for the musicians because even if not a lot of people go it gives us a chance to mingle, listen to each others sounds, and maybe get a couple of jams going with each other.” Maloof says.

I sat in for tonights performances and I was shocked. The laid back nature was just awesome, and the performances were simply incredible, from Devon Maloof, to Brady O’Keefe to Mr. Wall himself, and even an eighth grader named Tyler Zajac who was just remarkable.

“It went alright, for the most part the performances were well rehearsed…Everyone did alright.” Wall remarked.

I even got a sneak preview and he let me know that there would be another one before the year’s over for everyone who missed it.

Congratulations to all the wonderful performers and the next one is right around the corner.