Sophomore Banquet

Sophomore Banquet

Sophomore Maddy Sarner’s dress for banquet.

Sophomore banquet is coming quickly, scheduled for Friday April 4th in the Franklin High School Field House (according to the FHS website) from 7-10pm. Thursday, March 27th is the last day to buy tickets.

This is the last dance of the class of 2016 at Franklin High School. Pizza will be served, and banquet promises a fun night for everyone who attends.

As well as the entire sophomore class being allowed to attend, freshman and juniors may be invited by sophomores.

With the deadline coming. Franklin High School sophomores Kiarra Falcone (on the right in the video) and Halle Love (left) discuss their plans for banquet in terms of dresses, who they are attending with, and their excitement over the dance.

“I got mine for twelve dollars at Forever 21!” said Halle regarding her dress.

“My date is Kiarra, obviously,” Halle joked toward the end of the interview.

Kiarra corrected her: “I’m going with friends.”

Tickets are $15 per person, and can be purchased online under Students/Online payments on the school website. You can also buy tickets in F118 between March 21st and March 27th. Contracts and class dues are due by March 27th in order to attend.