Shortening Senior Year

Jake Boynton, Writer

As 4th quarter is quickly approaching, and students participating in Senior Project are preparing to leave, the concept of all seniors leaving a bit earlier has been floating around.

By this time each year, most seniors have applied, and been accepted to college, or know what they will be doing after graduation. With this being said, why are we still coming to all of our classes every day?

Franklin High administration would not go along with a shortened school year for seniors because there are a certain amount of days students have to go to.

However, after first semester, there are classes that are unnecessary, and could be removed from the schedule. Classes like, direct studies, English electives, and other electives that have nothing to do with the core curriculum, that will be essential for college courses next year.

So, with this being said, AP classes and core academics would be off limits, but electives, studies, and languages should be removable.

I propose, after first semester, seniors should have to opportunity to take a test on the material, they have learned in a language, elective, etc. and if they pass, they no longer have to take the class.

After the results come out, students could create an abbreviated schedule with their guidance counselor, so they would still complete the number of days required by law, but cut down on the amount of work and stress as they come down the home stretch pf their high school careers.

Another way seniors could shorten their senior year would be to implement a program, like the senior service program at Xavarian Brother High School, which is similar to senior project, but more widespread and promoted more by the school. This way, more students could gain real world experience for their future resumes, which become very important in the coming years, rather than sit in classes they do not need to be in.