Coming This August: New Franklin High Orientation

Kylee Hurley, Writer

This coming August will be the first time students can visit the new High School and see what it has to offer. During the week of August 18th students will be able to attend an orientation of the new school, and receive all the information you need for the upcoming school year.

The orientations will occur over the course of four days, starting with upperclassmen then ending with freshman. Monday August 18th is the first orientation, and will be held for the seniors.  By Thursday August 21st the freshmen will have the same orientation during their High School Experience, but it is open for all freshmen.

At the start of orientation there will be a brief meeting starting at ten in the morning on your classes scheduled day. This will include a brief overview of what is going to take place throughout the day, as well as the responsibilities of ID cards and the Chromebooks each student will be receiving.

By ten thirty on your scheduled orientation day, the grade will be split into two groups. The first group will start off with the official tour of the High School.

During an interview incoming sophomore Grace Griffin states how she feels about the orientations this coming August.

“I think it’s a great idea so that people can see where everything in the new school is, and I am really excited because the new school will be so nice,” she said.

The second group will receive their Chromebooks, and student ID cards. This is scheduled to take about forty minutes, and will consist of finding classes and lockers.

After about an hour each group will swap and finish up the orientation. The school will be open to students until about one in the afternoon, and the School Store is expected to be open for sales.

If you are unable to attend your orientation during the scheduled date and time, Franklin High is hoping to have at least one more night orientation open for all students.