Will This Year’s All Night Party be One to Remember?

Will This Year’s All Night Party be One to Remember?


Horace Mann Middle School, the site of this year’s All Night Party

Allie O'Donoghue

The Class of 2015 will not only be the first graduating class at the new FHS, but they will also be the first class to have their All Night Party at Horace Mann Middle School.

According to FHS Principal, Mr. Light, the decision of making Horace Mann the home of the All Night Party was due to the fact that the middle school will meet all the needs of the event.

At a meeting with the All Night Party committee, Light discussed everything that made the All Night Party so memorable for the students. The excitement of graduation, the theme, and the decorations were all brought up. Light said that if the All Night Party were held in FHS, the decorations would be so different that it could change everything that made the All Night Party what is has become. Light states that at Horace Mann they “could keep that character of the All Night Party.”

In August, Light met with the committee, the building inspector, and the Franklin Fire Chief. It was decided that the new FHS is not the type of facility to be able to hold such a large event. The halls are twice as small as those in the old high school, and there is plaster where the walls meet the ceilings, making it impossible for the committee to hang up decorations without ruining the school.

FHS Senior Megan Rogers expressed her frustration with the new location and stated that the All Night Party “is supposed to bring everybody together for our last high school experience at the High School. It’s the last hurrah.” When asked about how her class will respond to the change, Rogers responded that there’s “already a lot of change to begin with, so people might be okay with it.”

Meanwhile, fellow FHS senior Alyssa Malcolm accepts the new location simply because “if it wasn’t at Horace Mann it would be here at the high school, and this isn’t our high school.”

Whether students are in favor of the new change or not, FHS administration and the All Night Party committee hope to keep the spirit of the All Night Party alive at Horace Mann this June for the Class of 2015.