Faculty Friday: The Latest With Mr. Leighton

Faculty Friday: The Latest With Mr. Leighton

Mr. Leighton coaching the varsity girls’ basketball team

Grace Griffin, Writer

Mr. Leighton has been a history teacher at Franklin High School for 15 years. He always considered becoming a teacher, but it wasn’t until he visited a high school during college that he knew that teaching was definitely what he wanted to do.

Mr. Leighton decided to become a history teacher because of his love for the subject. He always had an interest in history and he believes that history is “the greatest story ever told”.

Because of this, Mr. Leighton loves sharing this story with his students. He likes interacting with the students and states that each student brings a unique perspective and energy to class.

Although Mr. Leighton loves teaching, he says that his least favorite part of the job is prepping for classes and staying organized.

Mr. Leighton is also extremely involved in Franklin High outside of just teaching. He coaches the girls varsity basketball team and is an assistant coach for the football team. In addition, he also is the advisor of Pantherbook, a co-advisor of student government, and a co-advisor of the class of 2018.

Outside of the school, Mr. Leighton spends his free time with his wife and two children.

Max Rosen, a sophomore who is in one of Mr. Leighton’s history classes, says “Mr. Leighton is a very passionate teacher who brings humor to education”. His other students agree that Mr. Leighton is a passionate teacher who loves what he does and inspires a love for history in his students as well.