Cross Country Panthers Rule The Hock

Travis LePage

For the past few years cross county has been an outstanding figure in the hockomock league, but always seemed to come up short in the end. Now, they are a dominating power, destroying any opponent that crosses their path.

Senior captains Andrew Hood, Sean Lazzari, Paul O’Donoghue, and John Dowds help to lead the team to victory. In their meet againstAttleboro, Hood took first place, O’Donoghue took second, Lazzari took third, and Dowds took fifth place, clinching the meet.Attleboroended in only one scoring position.

Their last meet was the only one they had trouble in, as they faced the ruthlessMansfieldrunners.

Sean Lazzari helped provide some insight on the team in a brief interview. According to Sean, the weaknesses of the team are how “we aren’t as deep as we would like to be, and we don’t have the times to compete highly at the state level right now.”

The Strengths of the team are “the senior class, and a good young coach.”

Finally, Sean presented his predictions for the rest of the season. He says that “hopefully we come in the top 3 in Hock Champs. Another prediction is to have at least 3 members move on to the state meets.

Good luck to cross-country, and hopefully they can achieve the goals presented by Sean.