Who Doesn’t Love a Three Day Week?

Travis LePage

Even though it started out as just a simple flurry, the snow storm over the weekend caused huge problems for the residents of Franklin and the surrounding towns. many trees got knocked down, and ended up falling on power lines and even close to people’s houses. Majority ofFranklinwas without power, and even today some still don’t have have it. But there is one good thing about this storm; two early snow days.

Students at FHS rejoiced to hear that they would have Monday and Tuesday off, making this week of school only a three day week. Even better yet, now Halloween is on a Friday, allowing for a later night and more active holiday.

To make things even better, next week will also be a three day week. FHS has Tuesday off for a PDD day and Friday off for Veterans Day. Enough your two short weeks FHS, and have a fun Halloween this Friday.