Student Government Nomination Form

 Student Government Nomination Form

Candidate Name ________________________ Graduation Year ___2013   ___2014 __2015

Running for: ___ President   ___ Vice President   ____ Treasurer   ____ Secretary

____ Representative (8 Reps will be elected per class on Thursday, June 7th – no speeches)

*Students who run for another office, but do not win are eligible to run for Representative

Eligibility: All students seeking election must be in good academic and social standing.


*Nomination form is due in to A or B House Office by 2pm Thursday May 24th.

*Campaigning – During this period, posters may be put up in the building.  All posters must have the stamped approval of the Principal and can only be posted in designated areas.  Candidates are also invited to submit a letter to the student body to be posted on  Email your submission to [email protected] by Friday, May 25th.

*The will be brief class meetings for speeches on Thursday May 31st.

*The election will be held on Friday, June 1st. (Representatives will be elected on June 7th)

1. Each candidate must provide a written speech that expresses his or her reasons for seeking office.  It should also include what he/she hopes to accomplish if elected.  This speech is limited to one sheet of paper.  The speech (with your name on it) must be turned in with this nomination paper. This is the speech you will deliver to the class.

2.      Each candidate must obtain 20 signatures from members of his/her class.

1. ______________________________                      11. ________________________________

2. ______________________________                      12. ________________________________

3. ______________________________                      13. ________________________________

4. ______________________________                      14. ________________________________

5. ______________________________                      15. ________________________________

6. ______________________________                      16. ________________________________

7. ______________________________                      17. ________________________________

8. ______________________________                      18. ________________________________

9. ______________________________                      19. ________________________________

10. _____________________________                      20. ________________________________

    3. Signatures           _________________________     ____________________

Class Advisor                          Assistant Principal