Franklin High Evacuated After Most Recent Bomb Threat

Drew Butler, Writer

The second bomb threat of the school year prompted an evacuation of Franklin High Tuesday. Numerous sources in the community have told us that the threat was called in from a phone number in Rhode Island, none of these claims have been verified.

The fact that the threat was called in sets it apart from a prior scare on Sept. 30 which was emailed to principal Peter Light. In light of the recent events, we caught up with Mr. Light and asked him a few questions about how he does his job in crisis mode.

Light said that the bomb threats have increased in frequency since he began teaching in Franklin in 1999. He also emphasized the importance of the  “operational relationship “ between the school administration and police and that often times as an administrator he has access to information that the general public does not have access to.

Light said he was confident in the emergency procedures in the new building and was looking forward to the remainder of the year as principal.