A cat with two faces?

James MacLean

Well Frank and Louie, a Janus, or a two faced cat, is the longest living of this type, surviving 12 years! AWorcesterwoman by the name of Marty had discovered the cat as she was working as a veterinary nurse and a local breeder had brought him in. The cat with two mouths, two noses, and two normal working eyes with one large eye in the middle was expected to only live a few days, as most Janus cats do.

He may have two faces, but only one head and one brain. So when his body reacts to something, it reacts all in unison. Since he only has one head, only Frank is connected to their stomach, so he eats for both Louie and himself.

Looking at the cat from either side, you see only one face. This makes him look like a normal cat until you face the front of him, then you will see the big useless eye in the middle of his face.

It is expected for someone to be normally freaked out by the cat at first glance, but his owner says that after meeting Frank and Louie your opinion sure will change. “He’s so affectionate,” says Marty, telling that once you meet him he’ll win you over. Frank and Louie have luckily made it 12 years and he is still going strong.