An End to the NHL Lockout?

Michaela Shimkus, Writer

Attention Hockey Fans! There may be hope!

Of course we’ve all been devistated over the postponed NHL season due to the lockout. But on  Tuesday, October 16th,  National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman announced a proposal for a 50/50 split of Hockey Related revenue (HRR).

About the proposal, Washington Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner stated in an interview with the Washington Times ” you can kind of see a lot of peoples’ spirits are lifted”.

But it’s not only the players’ spirits that are being lifted by the good news.

“I’m so excited that the hockey season might finally start!” stated FHS Senior and Bruins fan Tara Grady, who was dissapointed to hear that the season would not be beginning on October 11th.

NHL owners intend on fitting in a full 82-game season, which would begin on November 2nd. With there being nearly a month long delay on the start of the season, teams will most likely be fitting in an extra game every now and then. But hey, who’s going to complain about that?

The current proposal may only be a baby step towards the end of the lockout. There are still plenty of negotiations left to be sorted out, but this proposal has certainly raised hope for the 2012-2013 NHL Hockey Season.

This could be the first step towards an official agreement and the end of the lockout.

Check out Gary Bettman’s official and complete press conference on the issue Here



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