Pantherbook’s 2013 Year in Review

Believe it or not, 2013 is already over, and it may be difficult to remember what exactly happened in its whirlwind of events. Pantherbook takes a look at this year’s biggest news stories in Massachusetts, the country, and the whole world in the video above.

From the government shutdown, to the new and progressive Pope Francis, to the scandals at the NSA, to the Boston Marathon bombings, it has been a year of unprecedented events that highlight the ongoing changes in our world. Many major news stories, such as the bombings, have involved our city of Boston and put it center stage, including the Red Sox’s World Series victory, the conviction of Whitey Bulger, the arrest of Aaron Hernandez, and the Bruinsloss in the Stanley Cup.

We also interviewed Franklin High students – juniors Aimee Trottier, Tyler Beckmann, Kyle Pandiscio, Abigail Weinberg, and senior Jeffrey Roy Jr. – to see what they remembered most from 2013.

While we don’t know what 2014 will bring, we do know that Pantherbook will be there to cover the stories that matter most to you.

What will you remember most from 2013?


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