Boston? More like BostFUN.

Grace Griffin

With less than two weeks of school left, there’s no doubt you can easily think if at least fifty things to do this summer. But what about the middle of the summer? The same old stuff is boring, your friends are on vacation, you don’t have a pool to swim in, etc.

Being so close to Boston, there’s endless possibilities to have fun this summer without emptying your whole bank account.

Sure, we’d all love to go on a tropical vacation or a faraway music festival, but that’s not realistic for most high schoolers.

Luckily, there’s free and cheap alternatives that can make just as great memories.

If you like being outside, there are numerous public and free parks in Boston, including the Boston Common and the Boston Public Gardens.

If you’re interested in history (or just looking for something to do), there are trails such as the Freedom Trail and the JFK trail in Boston that combine the outdoors and local history. Also, it is free to tour the State House.

If you like shopping, or just walking around in the city, Newbury Street has everything from cafes to big brand stores and small shops.

Looking for a good museum to check out? The Museum of Bad Art (MoBA) is a funny alternative to serious art museums. However, there are numerous “real” art museums in Boston too, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, which is free of charge on Friday, July 8th.

Without traveling too far from home, Boston offers numerous free and cheap ways to have fun this summer.