Get Involved!

Grace Griffin

Most students talk about getting involved in high school, but many do not know where to start. Whether you want to join a club you are passionate about, or just need something to put on your college applications, the start of next school year is the perfect time to try something new.

One type of club that is prevalent at FHS is political clubs. Both main parties have a club, the Young Democrats (run by Alycia Felli and Grace Griffin) and the Teenage Republicans (run by Brad Jarosz). If you’re interested in politics, or just want to learn more about either party, both clubs meet after school on Thursday, the Young Democrats in room 224 (subject to change) and the Teenage Republicans in room 245.

Some political clubs that don’t align with the traditional two parties include the Young Independents (run by Abby Lavallee) and the newly formed Young Libertarians (soon to be started by David Hardin).

If politics doesn’t appeal to you, FHS has a few science based clubs to chose from as well. Environmental Club (run by Alex Sinks) was formed in the 2015-2016 school year and has only been growing since. The club meets in room 201 on Fridays (day subject to change).

Another science-based club offered at FHS is the Robotics Club. They meet in the second floor robotics lab every Tuesday, and Ms. Taranto’s room (room 130) every Thursday.

If the arts appeals to you, check out Empty Bowls (which meets after school on Mondays) or Drama Club. Drama Club meets in the auditorium after school.

Writing and reading also have a place through clubs at FHS. Join Pantherbook if you are interested in covering news and writing articles. Pantherbook meets every Monday in room 342. Literary Guild is another club perfect for literary connoisseurs.

If you’re interested in getting active but not playing on a sports team, check out the Ultimate Frisbee team. Ultimate Frisbee provides a sporty and competitive environment without the commitment of a varsity or JV sports team. Also, it is a great way for juniors and seniors of fulfill their 30 hour gym requirement.

With so many clubs in the FHS curriculum, there truly is something for everyone.