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Creative Clubs display at the Club Fair

Creative Club’s display at the Club Fair

Anna Eppihimer, Writer

Franklin High School’s newly created Creative club offers design services for all clubs, activities, and events for our community.  These requests can include event photographers, poster designs, t-shirt designs, logos and other graphics.

The club has created a Google Form for teachers only in the Google Folder titled, ‘Where do I go for…’. However, this is only a tentative place where Ms. Taranto, the club’s advisor,  is hoping it will be in the near future. Otherwise, students can request the form by emailing co-president of the club and senior, Anna Eppihimer.  

“The idea of  FHS Creative came about when some  Graphic Design II students wanted a Graphic Design III class,” Ms. Taranto states.  

“The Photography Club had only just started to have a presence with their competition last year and  wished to have a larger presence,”  she adds.

Since photography and graphic design go hand in hand, she decided to merge the two subjects and by adding a graphic design element to Photography Club, it gives the photographers experience with photo editing.

There are cameras to borrow in Room 128 for students and that FHS Creative participants will be learning about different photographers, as well as editing and shooting pictures in the photographer’s style.

Anyone who has an interest in graphic design and photography can join. Experienced graphic designers and photographers are there to help new members with skills that may seem new to them. However, Ms. Taranto said that on a daily basis, the club caps out at 23 members. Yet, more than 23 members can participate in FHS Creative as a whole.

FHS Creative meets every Thursday after school in Room 128. However, if a club member wants to finish a piece they are working on in their Directed Study,  they should let Ms. Taranto know so she can see if the room is available and provide access to it.