The Dangers of Technology

Sophie Lyons , Writer, Videographer

Technology, one of the greatest advancements of our time. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have given us an entire electronic world at our fingertips.

Now this power is amazing in helping to cure diseases, writing code, creating, designing and moving forward but when taking a step back it is very obvious that technology has overtaken developing youths’ minds.

The convenience of clicking a few buttons and getting a world of information can have and does have a serious impact on not only teens, but people of all ages.

The constant ability to have immediate access to whatever you want to know is concerning because it is believed that people will begin to have no reason to store information and gain stamina because anything you want to know is one click away.

Ali Barker and Lily Bernheart both admit that they don’t feel as though they need to remember information in class because they can so easily get it online after school.

Bernheart “listen[s] to [her] teachers in class, but [she] look[s] up everything they talk about when [she] gets home for a simple easy to understand version.”

Social media is another threat to the mental health of our generations children.

The Royal Society for Public Health took a survey in the UK of people ages 14-24. The results showed that the constant use of social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook has led to “increased feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image, and loneliness.”

Barker justifies this study by saying that she tends to “compare [herself] to Instagram models, wondering why [her] life isn’t as perfect as girls online make it seem.”

This study also concluded that kids are beginning to miss out on “critical social skills.”

To children, communication skills seem irrelevant because it is so simple to type a few words on the keyboard and be finished.

The lack of these skills is setting children up to fail in higher level work environments.

Technology is bright and beautiful, it has transformed our world and made us the advanced nation that we are today.

Technology is also dark and dreary, what lies right behind our eyes is a world of stereotypes, fabrications, and mind-altering information.

Together we must find a balance of learning from our own discoveries and using technology to aid our discoveries.