The Flu and You

Madeleine Lussier, Writer

FHS students watch out, the flu virus is lurking in the halls, waiting to capture its next victim.

Nick Zajac, a freshman, says, “I’ve been sick three times this year, but it could be more,” when asked about how much school he’s missed due to being sick.

As more and more students become casualties of the flu, it seems as if classes never have full attendance. Suddenly, lunches seem emptier, something no students are complaining about, and group projects are becoming increasingly difficult to complete.

The flu creeps stealthily through the halls, infecting people without them even knowing. The virus clings onto door knobs, lockers, and desks, smirking every time it latches on to another victim. Students beware: the flu is always watching.

However, some people are immune to the wrath of the dreaded flu. These students are envied by others as they walk around school without even the tiniest sniffle.

Cameron Kelleher, a junior, hasn’t been sick all year and he claims, “Honestly, it’s pretty great not to be sick.”

As spring comes around, the flu comes face to face with its mortal enemy- allergies. The two will face off for the next couple weeks, seeing who can take down the highest number of students.

Sami Powderly, a freshman, states that “Going from colds in the winter and allergies in the spring seems like a never ending circle of discomfort.”

And so the flu rages on, and day by day the students and faculty fall victim to illness, unable to fight against the power of sickness.