Summer 2022 Movie Roundup


Grace Tucceri

Here we have a blockbuster, biopic, book adaptation, and boomer-centric film. All four made for great viewing!

Grace Tucceri, Writer

There’s no better feeling that compares to sitting back in a reclining chair next to a massive bucket filled to the brim with buttery popcorn. That’s right – going to the movies still hits hard. After two weak summers at the box office, cinema have finally returned to its utmost glory. Moviegoers treated themselves to the latest Marvel blockbusters, horror flicks, and more. I decided to take advantage of some downtime and watch the hottest movies on the big screen over break. 

Top Gun Maverick

Somehow, a movie starring the notorious Tom Cruise blew my mind in the best way possible. A simple tale about redemption, loss, and courage sounds cheesy on paper, but every single component came together for a jaw-dropping spectacle for all ages. Speaking of jaw-dropping, the intense flight sequences cannot go unnoticed. It’s a near perfect film to me!


I’m not an Elvis fan at all; I groan whenever his music comes on during Christmas and do not find him attractive whatsoever. However, I have to applaud Baz Luhrmann for doing the impossible: making the King of Rock and Roll’s life story fascinating. Austin Butler deserves an Oscar for his effortless transformation (and singing!), but Tom Hanks needs a Razzie ASAP for that horrendous fake accent!

Where the Crawdads Sing

Reese Witherspoon managed to take the most average novel for moms and craft it into an entertaining picture. A stellar performance from Daisy Edgar Jones as Kya drove the plot along and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Plus, a chilling end-credits song from Taylor Swift and spot-on 1960s period costumes added to the film’s quality. All in all, it was much better than I expected!

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Ooh la la… I have never seen so many senior citizens staring at one movie screen before. Turns out old people have stellar taste, though! I absolutely adored Leslie Manville’s role as the titular character and cannot stop thinking about how fabulous the haute couture was! Plus, seeing this delightful movie at the newly renovated Route One Cinema Pub with friends added to the whole experience. Definitely a must see for those looking for something lighthearted.


Yes, I watched it from the comfort of my couch, but managed to have a great time. The movie itself is cheesy, campy, and insanely cringe-worthy with some of the worst special effects imaginable. However, I just had to watch it since I (sadly) viewed the original installment when it aired on Disney Channel five years ago. Do not waste your time unless you’re a die-hard fan awaiting the Return of the Jedi of the Zombies franchise. 

There you have it – CINEMA! Stay tuned for more, especially since I’m dying to watch the next Knives Out film and see Avatar for the first time before the sequel hits theaters.