Is This the Year You Join Empty Bowls?


Breanna Atwood

2020 Auction Item made by Breanna Atwood

Gretchen Scotland, Writer

The Empty Bowls Club at FHS has most definitely not been put down due to Coronavirus; in fact, it’s just the opposite! Over the past few weeks, upperclassmen have been working hard to find ways to continue everything that EB strives for: friendship, joy, creativity, and most of all, advocating for the elimination of hunger on our planet.

Empty Bowls Holiday Party – December 2019 (Brenna Johnson)

How Does EB Work?

Typically in a regular year, members of EB would come together to design a large number of ceramic bowls from start to finish, throughout the months leading up to May. Meetings would be held primarily on Mondays where students would filter in and get to work, either beginning from scratch with wet clay or perhaps using colorful glazes to style bowls that had already been fired in the kiln. The energy in the EB classroom always created an amazing space that was filled with the meaning of community.

By May, all of the bowls would be finished and ready to be given away at the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser in which all proceeds would directly benefit our very own Franklin Food Pantry. The way it worked was, one would buy a ticket to the fundraiser and get to take home a bowl in return! Donations could also be made and there would be an auction for larger ceramic objects too.

Last year, EB had its fundraiser virtually; donations could be made to an online platform, there was still an auction (held live online for a week), and if you donated a certain amount of money, you could pick up your bowl at a safe location! The turnout was wonderful and Empty Bowls ended up raising way more money than expected!

Empty Bowls at the 2019 FHS Club Fair (Brenna Johnson)

We Need You

It happens to be your lucky day! Empty Bowls is looking to gain some additional members this year and that may just happen to be you! We would love to get more kids involved in such an incredible cause and in such a fun time!

EB may be for you if…

  • you enjoy using your hands to create things!
  • you have an interest in art, and particularly in ceramics
  • you would love to help serve your community but are stuck on how to do it
  • you’d like to meet some new people and have a good time!
  • you can make a commitment to being available on most Monday afternoons (either online or in-person)

If these apply to you, consider reaching out to Ms. Johnson (Club [email protected]) or Sydney Brady (Club [email protected]).

The Empty Bowls Club is still in the works of putting together a solid plan for how this year with meetings and bowls will go. If you’re ready to take this journey with us, please contact the above emails!

We look forward to meeting you!!