The Franklin Interacts Club Presents: The Monster Dash!


Isabella Scafidi, Writer

Looking for a way to help your community while still being able to have fun this Halloween season? Join the Franklin Interacts Club in participating in the Monster Dash being held on October 30th to help raise money for donations to local shelters! 

The Franklin Interacts Club is a group which organizes projects every year to help others in their local communities. According to Saivagmita Kantheti, a member of the organization, the purpose of the club is to “connect with other young people and have fun while serving their communities and learning about the world”. Most of their work revolves around helping the Franklin Food Pantry and other shelters in Massachusetts. 

This event will take place at 5:30pm at Timeless CrossFit on 90 Hayward Street in Franklin, MA, lasting around 2 hours. The only cost being the entry fee of $10.00 which can be sent to the Franklin Interacts GoFundMe page.

Due to the unexpected pandemic, the first half of the event will involve a virtual mile run, where participants will need to send in a picture of proof that they’ve run a mile before the in-person portion of the event on October 30th. Pictures can be submitted by email to [email protected].

The second half of the event will take place in-person and will include bodyweight fitness challenges conducted by Timeless CrossFit instructors. Participants are welcome to bring their pets and dress them up for the event. Those with the fastest time and best costume will be awarded a special prize sponsored by the Franklin Rotary. 

Keeping safety in mind, there will be nine-foot boxes marked off in the gym for each person to use, allowing for all participants to maintain a safe distance from one another. Masks will also be required, those who go without face-coverings will not be allowed in the gym.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of this special event, you can sign up here on the Franklin Interacts google form. If you have any questions make sure to check out the flyer above for more information!