Outcome of Toys For Tufts Donation Drive


Toys donated last year to Helen Keller Elementary School. (Credit: Helen Keller Twitter Page)

Isabella Scafidi, Writer

The Community Service Club at FHS has recently wrapped up their annual Toys for Tufts donation drive this past Friday, with an emphasis on donated items being for teenagers. 

Between November 30th through December 11th, donation bins were placed at the main entrance of FHS where members of the community could drop off presents to be delivered to the older children suffering from cancer at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. 

In light of the impact the Coronavirus has had in the medical field this year, most patients have been confined and isolated in their rooms to prevent further spread of infection amongst the hospital, making it more important than ever to help spread holiday joy and bring a smile to the faces who need it most. 

When asked about the reason for starting this event, Mason Roddy, a cancer survivor himself and coordinator of the donation project, explained that when he spent time in the hospital “there were almost as many older kids as younger kids, but when we got gifts for the holiday season, the older children had none because all the gifts that were donated were generally made for younger children”. 

Although any and all donations were accepted, the club made it their top priority to focus on promoting the needs of teenagers. The most highly requested gifts being a variety of gift cards and DVD’s to watch in their hospital rooms. Other ideas for what items to give were found on the Amazon wish list here, which included both toys and knick-knacks for younger and older children. 

As a result of the drive, the club was able to raise two truck loads worth of donations which are sure to bring many lots of happiness in the midst of this unprecedented holiday season!