Senior Project Applications are Officially Open!

Seniors have the opportunity to pursue an internship in lieu of their Quarter 4 classes.

Isabella Scafidi, Writer

Senior Project applications are officially open to the graduating class of 2022!

Open to all seniors, this program provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in their field of interest, by spending the fourth quarter of the school year completing an internship instead of attending regular classes.

Beginning in November and ending in April of 2022, accepted seniors will be required to attend monthly meetings to speak with advisors and prepare for their internships at the end of quarter four. 

Students must fulfill a minimum requirement of 70 work hours over the course of 3 weeks, while simultaneously completing a variety of different independent projects along the way. These projects will include weekly writing reflections, as well as putting together a website portfolio of photos, links, and videos showcasing student’s personal experiences.

At the end of year, seniors will present a final slideshow presentation to a panel of employers and faculty members about what they’ve learned from this opportunity, earning a letter grade for the quarter that will count towards their graduation credits. If at any point students do not complete these requirements or are in danger of not graduating, they will not be eligible to continue Senior Project.

So, why should you get involved?

According to Mrs. Fernandes, one of the advising faculty members for Senior Project, this opportunity is a “low risk way to find out what is a good fit for you”.

In the past, students have shadowed doctors and nurses at local hospitals, worked within the school community, as well as for businesses and companies in the surrounding, local areas. 

“Senior Project is a great opportunity for students, who are ready, to take the next step…some people have gotten jobs, internships later on, or made connections in their field out of this program”, she went on to say.

For more information about this opportunity and the application process, join the Senior Project Google Classroom page using the code l64drrz. The hard deadline for submitting applications will be at 2:30pm on October 22nd, 2021. Any application submitted after the final deadline will not be reviewed for admission.