Get to Know Ms. Everleigh


Coach Everleigh

Ruby Gonzalez

Ms. Everleigh is a teacher here at Franklin High School. She is a math teacher during the day but as soon as the clock hits 2:05 pm she is a field hockey coach.

Ms. Everleigh loves fall and the many things that come with it such as apple cider donuts and apple crisp.

She enjoys how the trees change from green to orange, brown, yellow and red.

Although she says there is nothing that makes her stand out, she has a very interesting background. Did you know she is  Armenian?

Ms. Everleigh says that her twin sister is her role model because she is very patient and kind to everyone she encounters. When she is around her twin sister she feels driven to be more like her.

Ms. Everleigh says that managing both her academic classes and her field hockey team can be difficult at times.  

It’s pretty hard to balance but it means you have to do work outside the school day, and the more prepared you are for the next day or the week the better  you can manage going to games and practices.

Ms. Everleigh gave a tip on how she manages to teach and coach.

It’s mostly about time management. I can’t slack during my preps, I have to constantly be organizing and preparing for both class and field hockey. It’s worth it though! Field hockey is one of my favorite parts of the day.”

Ms Everleigh’s passion for teaching and coaching is successful because of her dedication and time management to the things she loves.