Meet Mr. Walsh – Featured FHS Faculty & Staff

Pantherbook Staff

The Pantherbook staff is proud to introduce the Franklin high School Faculty and Staff Interview series.  We posted a series questions to all faculty and staff and asked them to answer the ones of their choice. (To see all the questions, view the Proust Survey).

Today’s Feature: Mr. Walsh

  1.    Which talent would you most like to have?  Can’t decide between invisibility and the ability to fly.
  1.    What do you consider your greatest achievement? Helping to raise three wonderful human beings.
  1.    What is your greatest fear? There is a family history of Alzheimers.  I know how difficult it can be on the family and I hate to think I might one day present such a challenge to my loved ones.
  1.    If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would it be? Kanye
  1. When and where were you happiest? I am always happiest at our family cabin in rural Vermont, where we agree to leave our devices at home.  Swimming, kayaking, fishing, campfires, and Uno.  Pretty amazing.