Creative Librarian, Experienced Past, and Future Plans

Creative Librarian, Experienced Past, and Future Plans

Rachel Grome, Writer

Who is the new librarian? And what are her plans for the library? The new librarian at Franklin High School (FHS) plans on changing how people experience the library by putting in new programs. 

Ms. Arnold is the new Librarian at FHS and she plans on improving how people experience the library by creating the Team Library Council (TLC) program. This will be a program in which a group of students will get together and come up with ideas on what they could add to the library to make it more appealing to students. She wants to get students involved and hear their ideas on what they want to see and what books they want to read. 

Before coming to Franklin High School, Ms. Arnold worked at many other public schools and libraries such as Brockton Public Library, Fathom Public Library, Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, Wrentham elementary, and Miscoe Hill Middle School in Mendon. She has been a librarian for 16 years. 

However, before she was a librarian, she was an archaeologist, travel agent, and an archivist. Before becoming a librarian she worked as an archivist saving important historical documents. She was later offered a job as a branch librarian in Brockton. She said that it kind of just fell into her lap – it felt like what she was meant to do.

From there, she went on her way to becoming a more experienced librarian, going all over New England to finally find her way to FHS where she helps with the Panther Help Desk, teaches, and helps people find books/checks them out.