Staff Member Spotlight: Lou McKeown

Lou with a picture of her cat, Tucker.

Lou with a picture of her cat, Tucker.

Alyssa Carolan

Lou McKeown, Franklin High School’s beloved receptionist, is known as the face who greets students and teachers every morning, answers the phone every time it rings, and answers the door.  But there’s more to Lou than being the woman who lets students in when they forget their IDs.

She is the information highway of Franklin High.  If you have a question, either she knows the answer, or she knows the person who knows the answer.

Lou runs the Sunshine Club.  The Sunshine Club allows teachers to wear jeans on Fridays, and all the teachers have to do is pay $1, which is a fund for sympathy donations, scholarships, and cards and flowers for staff get well and congratulatory wishes.

She also makes sure substitute teachers are ready for the day, which she says is a full time job in it of itself.  Printing out the rosters for each substitute and ensuring they are ready to go is just another part of her job.

In addition to answering the phone, she gives out work permits when students need them.  According to Lou, she gives out about 500 permits a year.

Another aspect of her position at the school is “FYI.”  When a staff member retires, Lou gets their home email so she can send out information about staff marriages and new babies. To Lou, this is a very cool concept because it allows the past to connect with the present.

When asked about something students may not know about her, she gave quite a list of some of her interests.  She enjoys writing poetry, taking photos, and playing golf.  She also is studying at Dean College, right here in Franklin, for a bachelor’s degree in English.  Right now, she has an associate’s degree in Interior Design. Lou has even helped remodel a few kitchens.

Lou’s ideal vacation would be travelling Europe.  She would love to take pictures of the amazing architecture that can be found there.  Her favorite spots in Europe are Spain, Hungary, and Budapest.

In her free time, Lou enjoys golfing, reading, and participating in a book club.

Lou is a cat person.  She owns a 24 pound Maine Coon Cat named Tucker, whom she loves very much.  She also enjoys the warm weather much more than the cold.

Her favorite food is pasta.  She loves going to Restaurant 45 and ordering the Butternut Squash Ravioli.

The best part of her job, she has to say, is seeing the students every day.  She loves her drive thru window where she can say hello to the kids and teachers that pass by.  When the seniors graduate, she finds it hard to say goodbye.  She says that she feels like the students of FHS are her own sometimes, so she finds it difficult to let them go.

Next time you stop by the front desk, say thank you to the wonderful Lou McKeown, who keeps FHS afloat.  She would also like to ask that students carry their IDs.