Coming Soon: “The Addams Family”


Devyn Forcina, Editor

Annually, Franklin High School has presented entertaining, enjoyable and inspiring spring musicals. This year, audience members will definitely be treated by the upcoming performances of “The Addams Family” directed by Mrs. Lonati, on April 6th and 7th.

In the past, I have written articles about our spring musicals closer to the actual show date. In doing so, I have gotten to watch dress rehearsals in full costume, and see cast members totally off-book. The rehearsal I attended for this article was not as formal, however, the confidence and well-preparedness of the cast this early on was extremely impressive. Occasionally cast members would ask for a word of their script, but it seems as though only one word prompted an entire monologue. These students are very prepared.

Some of these students are the lead actors, who gave especially wonderful performances. We can expect exciting individual performances by Dan Schratz, Shannon Pinkham, Caroline Fabian, Ben Cohn, Kenny Bonilla, Jillian Jones, Danny Harrington, and many more.

The ensemble too, performed very well. With limited leads it is a large group, so they are loud and sing out magnificently. For those who will attend, expect a fun tango dance by the ensemble!

I would like to acknowledge the seniors of “The Addams Family” in this article because many are leads and have been participating in FHS musicals for their entire high school careers. As their last musical, it is one that is bittersweet, and their love for working together as a cast will yield an energetic and special show come April. Here are some of their thoughts.

” I personally love that Addams Family is the last show. It is one of my favorite musicals of all time, so I’m really happy with this being the last musical I do here at the high school”, senior Hailey Strier tells me, “I’ve only been doing Ms. Lonati’s musicals for the last two years, but I have really enjoyed my time being in the shows.”

On the matter of rehearsals, Nyna Pendkar shares “(The rehearsals) have made me look forward to the musical each year. I have loved spending time with all of my friends.”

“I’d like to say to Mrs. Lonati and Mrs. Hersee: thank you, thanks to Mrs. Hersee for being there for all of us the last 7 years, and thanks to Mrs. Lonati for welcoming me so openly this year. Like I said, it’s a lot of fun, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” says senior Ben Cohn, who plays Lucas Beineke, the significant other of Wednesday Addams.

Look out for “The Addams Family”, coming soon to FHS! 🙂