International Series: Kaleth Gomez’s Journey

Kaleth shares his story on how it feels to be a 7th grader who moved from Columbia and had to get accustomed to life in America.


Kaleth and his soccer teammates

Amulya Chirravuri , Writer

Kaleth Diaz Gomez, a sophomore at Franklin High School moved from Columbia to America with his parents. He had to go through some drastic changes and get used to a different lifestyle.

Kaleth didn’t have much of a knowledge that he would be moving to America where his life would be completely different than the one he was used to. When he was in seventh grade he and his parents moved to Franklin, Ma. He was excited and adventures but the new environment and lack of everyone in the family near was a big change he had to get accustomed to.

One of the big changes was the language barrier, Kaleth when moved knew little to no English and had to learn an entirely new language as a 7th grader. He believes that if he had moved when younger that the language wouldn’t have been as hard to learn as it was for him, picking up a language gets harder as one grows up. In America, he said that “there are more opportunities” though schools in America may seem hard for a citizen Kaleth thinks FHS is a safe place with a good curriculum. If he could the only thing he would change is to make it more open, in Columbia, the schools were open and more interactive.

Kaleth mentions how back in Columbia most of his family came together and it was a big family and when moved here, he misses all his family especially his grandmother and the childhood games he played growing up.

One of Kaleth’s favorite activities in Columbia was to play soccer and still does, he is now on the boy’s JV soccer team. Soccer has been a getaway for him,  “I’ve been (playing) since I was able to walk almost” whenever he wants to have fun and take a break, he either goes on runs or plays soccer with his friends. Kaleth also runs for Franklin High’s track and field team.