Environmental Investigations: FHS has a Green House?


The Green Team presents their club at Panther Pride Night.

Anika Patchala, Writer

The Green Team, a club at FHS, is involved in numerous environmental activities and is always looking for new members. Members participate in environment-friendly fundraisers and cleanups around Franklin. Last year on Earth Day, the team collected multiple plastic water bottles and organized a plant night. Furthermore, the Green Team has brought awareness to environmental issues by producing posters to advertise around the school.

Michaela Thomas, this year’s president of the club hopes to “inform the community about current environmental issues and to help solve some of those issues.” For example, Michaela hopes to sell reusable bags and support matters like the Plastic Bag Ban.  On behalf of the Green Team, Michaela aims to “help make the public more aware of their environmental impact.”

According to Michaela, “the school is trying to be environmentally friendly by not putting varnish on the cabinets, as well as using LED lights and light sensors as the majority of their lighting systems. I feel like having the greenhouse is one way of being environmentally friendly.” Our school has received a silver LEED certification, a certification given to organizations recognized for enhancing their efforts to becoming environmentally conscious.

The g0als of The Green Team for this year are as follows:

  • Organize more fundraisers for plant towers
  • Donate to more food pantries
  • Sell more reusable cups and shopping bags
  • Make the public more aware of environmental issues
  • Place more emphasis on the greenhouse at FHS

The greenhouse at FHS was built around the time of the reconstruction of the school. It is located on the third floor, near the house office. Michaela hopes to clean up the Greenhouse every Monday and grow more plants. Last year, the team used hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil.

The Green Team meets every Tuesday after school and welcomes any new members interested in making an impact.