Gretchen Scotland: The Cupcake Place

Gretchen Scotland: The Cupcake Place

Vedika Vinayak, Writer

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you need some cakes for a Sweet 16? Or possibly you just want to stay home and watch Friday night movie while eating a plate of chocolate cupcakes loaded with frosting? Whatever you have planned, if it involves cakes or cupcakes, Gretchen Scotland is your answer. Owning her own business, The Cupcake Place, Gretchen Scotland is a professional cake and cupcake baker. Curious about this up and coming baking entrepreneur, I interviewed Gretchen to learn more about her, her business, and exactly what it takes to do what she does.

Gretchen first discovered her love for baking in the summer of fifth grade, when baking a birthday cake for her dad. She explains, “We were having a party and it was so much fun to bake that I just kept making more and more cakes for my family!” Although Gretchen started out mostly baking for family,  she soon became more popular as people realized and heard of what a good baker she was. She now bakes for people in the community too. So place an order and taste her delicious cupcakes! [nggallery id=81 images=10]

Creating her website and instagram account that same summer of 2014, she soon started earning money for her desserts. Her first profitable cake was made for her brother’s friend’s birthday. (insert picture) Over the course of 5 years, Gretchen has made a good profit, but she bakes a lot for practice. After raising her prices, Gretchen now charges: $12- Dozen Cupcakes, $20- Small Cake (10 people), and $25- Large Cake (20 people). Gretchen has made eleven different styles of cakes, and nine different styles of cupcake; she believes that her cheap prices are an instant source of appeal for many people, especially since she knows that the quality of her desserts are very high. 

When I asked Gretchen about future goals for her business, she answered, “First, keep improving and try new things. Second, I want to grow The Cupcake Place. My mom doesn’t want me to publicize it too much because I’m already so busy, but I do a lot for family and get practice through that. It might be fun to do ads though at some point.” 

Gretchen Scotland
Gretchen’s Donut Cake

It is clear that Gretchen truly loves baking; decorating cakes has taken up to seven hours start to finish and once for forty-eight cupcakes, it took three hours just to frost them. “It’s exhausting, but I love it!” Gretchen says.

Concerning future plans involving the business, Gretchen sees it more as a side business. Previously wanting to own a cake business, she now wants to bake cakes more as a hobby but definitely pursue it as an adult. Gretchen admits though, that it has helped her immensely. Baking has given her a creative outlet and has also shown her the responsibilities of a business. Since she is selling a product, Gretchen realizes that it has to be perfect. “It also helped me understand how much work it takes to run a business and how much you have to put in it.” Gretchen adds. You can see that from her website. Knowing the expensive cost for materials, Gretchen saves the money she makes and reuses it for the business and for materials.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, future bakers, or creative artists, Gretchen advises. “Overall, I think it’s important to get creative and be a part of something that helps you express yourself. Just getting to express myself has helped me get to know myself and my community.” 

Gretchen has definitely helped our community through her delicious desserts. So help yourself, and order one now!