Student Spotlight: Maddie Michenzie


Maddie on a nature walk. Photo used with permission from Risa Michenzie.

Katie Barrow, Writer

Maddie Michenzie is the club president of Green Team and introduced two new raised beds to Franklin High School. These are located at the upper soccer fields against the fence. The Green Team will grow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and bell peppers.

These are the two raised beds, located at the upper soccer fields.

When the vegetables are ready to pick, late spring to early summer, Michenzie says that anyone is welcome to take the vegetables from the garden themselves.

Michenzie works with club vice president Artemisia Saparoff, and advisors Ms. Kilbride and Mr. McLaughlin.

This fall, Michenzie led the Green Team in adding its new addition to its green room with its hydroponics. This means that they are growing vegetables indoors without soil. They are currently growing leafy vegetables, lettuce, spinach, and herbs, in the green room. They plan for these vegetables to be incorporated into the cafeteria’s lunches when done growing in an effort to bring farm-fresh food to students.

The Green Team has also been approved to add a succulent wall near the gym entrance that Michenzie hopes to bring positive vibes to the high school.

Michenzie plans on making posters on climate change with the Green Team to encourage students to make small switches to their daily life. These include limiting plastic use and recycling.

She believes that it is “important for everyone to realize that we live on this earth and we are responsible for taking care of it. Everyone has the ability to do their part regardless if they think it matters or not.”