Back To The Past

Molly O'Toole, Writer

As October 21, 2015 has recently passed, the day in which Marty McFly travels to the future in the movie Back to the Future II, is causing the millennial generation to have mixed reaction on this iconic day in pop culture.

Several Franklin High students describe the Back to the Future movies as movies most older people have seen.

When asked about how they feel that the future will now be the past, Franklin High freshman Amanda Tardif responded: “Apprehensive, it’s just kind of mind boggling to think about.”

As a whole, students can’t seem to grasp the idea that this day was once way far off in the future.

In the movie, the people of 2015 were predicted as having hoverboards, self drying clothes, and flying cars.  When asked about what technologies they expect humans will have the future, students came to a general consensus that they predict in 2041 we will have flying cars. That is the same prediction that the movie writers made 26 years ago when the film first came out.

Several of the technologies predicted in the movie we don’t necessarily have today. To find out more information about what technologies the movie’s predictions did get right, click here.

Also, many students seemed surprised that these movies still had relevance in pop culture today. One student Samiha Rao said:

“It is weird to think about because the movies still have had reruns of it on TV. Now it’s like the past, it’s weird. Now it’s not Back to the Future it is Back to the Past.”

As a whole, the day that Marty McFly travels to the future has passed, causing the millennial generation to react to the thought that their future will eventually be the past.