Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Week


John Leighton

Mr. Penza & the Spirit Week Trophy. Which class will win it this year?

Sophia Sabini-Leite

As Thanksgiving break approaches fast, so does Spirit Week! Here is everything you need to know and get prepared for when it comes to FHS’s Annual Spirit Week!

Representatives will come around in the morning counting those who dressed up for each grade! Which grade will win…

On Monday, Nov. 16th, it is “Pajama Day”. You can wear any pajamas, making sure to follow the school dress code, of course. Sweatpants will NOT be counted as pajamas.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17th, it is “Hawaiian Day”. Anything from hawaiian leis to shirts, bring it all! Crazy tourists are a welcome visit to FHS.

On Wednesday, Nov. 18th, it is “Sports Day”. Wear your favorite sports gear. If you don’t have any wear a sports shirt! Wacky workout outfits are cool but just plain gym shorts will NOT be counted.

On Thursday, Nov. 19th, it is “America Day”. Show some American pride. Wear anything to do with America. If you need a reminder, our flag colors are red, white, and blue! All three colors are required to be counted.

On Friday, Nov. 20th, it is “Holiday Day”. You can wear a turkey hat, your grandma’s christmas sweater, or even this year’s halloween costume, come dressed up in your favorite holiday wear.

** Make sure to come to the Neon Dance! Make sure to arrive at 7pm. It goes until 10pm. Use the link below to purchase your tickets!

On Monday, Nov. 20th, it is “College Day”. For some, college may be far away, but for others only a few months! Wear your college gear from any college.

Tuesday, Nov. 21st, it is “White Out Day”. Wear all white! Let’s make it look like the school is painted in all WHITE!

Make sure to purchase your tickets for the Neon Dance!

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Tickets for the Neon Dance will be sold online and during lunch the week of the dance.