Picture This: A Photography Club At FHS

Riley Halliday

Looking to improve those Instagram pictures? Want to take the perfect family portrait, or dive into the world of photography? Then (f)-stop* what you’re doing a take a look at a new focus* in the club community of Franklin High School, photography club.

Created by fellow juniors, Alex Jackson and Matt Pierce, photography club gives students opportunities to learn the ins and outs of a camera as well as tap into their creative side. Alex and Matt have had an interest in photography for about seven years.

“We wanted to be able to share our passion for photography with fellow FHS students and we also wanted to give people opportunities to get feedback and learn about their photography” Pierce explains.

“We want to help each club member improve their photography skills and reach they have for their photography,” Jackson added. “We’d like to assist yearbook club and Pantherbook as well.”

The club also offers photo contests with different themes, the first one being Fall. Viewing peers’ work through a different lens*, and pushing yourself outside of the box is what photography club is all about.

So, how did Alex and Matt become interested in photography? Pierce explains it all started when he got a camera for Christmas years ago, he’s been hooked ever since.

Received a pair of socks during the holiday season instead of a camera? Worry no longer, FHS has got you covered. Simply ask to borrow a camera during your next visit to the club, and remember the one rule: do not break it.

Charge up the battery*, pop off the lens cap*, and get ready to capture* a promising year for photography club.

*Curious as to what these words mean? Join photography club on Thursdays in room 128, after school to find out!