Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Come join Sign Language Club!

Devyn Forcina

Sign Language Club will focus on teaching ASL (American Sign Language) signs and skills. We promote education, acceptance of other cultures and communities (particularly those who use sign language or a language different from our own), and members of the club will be making contributions to their community through events.

Events in the community will include, and are not limited to, performances at the FPS elementary schools and at the Franklin Public Library.

We will have meetings every Friday after school. Our first informational meeting is on Friday, December 11, so don’t miss it!

Meetings will take place in room 334.

Anyone can join Sign Language Club. Prior knowledge is not necessary, as we will be starting with the basics and work towards more advanced signing throughout the year.

The club presidents are Devyn Forcina and Nicole Powers (sophomores) who were both members of the club at their middle school and wanted to bring it to FHS.

The teacher advisor for Sign Language Club is Mrs. Banks (10th grade English teacher).

The purpose of this club is to educate students about sign language and the benefits of knowing multiple languages.

There are no other clubs or electives currently available to those interested in pursuing this language, which is why it is an important feature, and opportunity, for our school to have.

Sign language is a skill useful to any student wanting to use communication in their future, which is an essential key for any career path and for leadership roles.

Sign language is a unique form of communication that will be useful to students as they learn it and can incorporate it into the FHS, and general Franklin, community.

Make sure to join us on December 11! 🙂