Join Young Independents!

Kendyl Ryan

A new club has recently been created at Franklin High School by junior Abigail Lavallee: the young independents.


“[Young independents] is a political club that abstains from aligning with any major or minor party” Lavallee says.


“Two people in my class are in young dems and young republicans, and argued politics around me, so I would mediate. I thought that these are two major parties that never find a compromise, and with young independents, our goal is to reach a compromise.” Lavallee explains, on why she was motivated to start the club.

At the first few meetings, the young independents discussed the basics of politics, and now have moved on to generating questions for the young democrats and young republicans’ debates.


Young independents meets in Mr. Walsh’s room (228) after school on Mondays. Food is provided at each of the meetings, and all new members are welcome!