A Great President for a Great Year

A Great President for a Great Year

Kristen Smith, Writer

Danny Harrington, a Freshman at Franklin High School, was recently elected the class president by the 9th grade student body.

Taking the time to create a campaign filled with video and posters, he won over a good part of the voters. Samhita Modak, a freshman and a friend of Harrington’s says, he is good at listening to everyone’s perspectives. Harrington is described by students as a great leader who is caring towards everyone by his classmates, and they believe he will make a great president. 

Common traits FHS students said a president needs to possess are responsibility and the need to be helpful and caring. Fellow student and freshman, Olivia Curreri, says Harrington can identify the real problems in the school and create good solutions to them. 

Harrington is already making plans to have a great Freshman Banquet and participate in lots of fundraisers. These are the main activities done by Freshman student council members.

Harrington is planning on running for president all four years of high school. On top of that,  Harrington said he knows he is a good leader and can get things done. Through his campaign, he was supported by his friends and family and took every step he could to ensure his win. 

Besides school and council, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and relaxing.  His friends were the ones who first brought up the idea of him running for president.

FHS Freshmen think Harrington is overall a great choice for student president and will put his ideas and intelligence to great use.