TV Club Looks For Help On Their Newest Project

TV Club Looks For Help On Their Newest Project

Cindy Barba, Writer

The TV Production Club is planning to produce a video to show off school pride and hopes YOU can help them create it.

When the club met for the first time on Tuesday, Sept. 13, they decided a video showing off the school’s pride would be a great project to do.

The members of TV Club watched examples from other schools and thought it would be a lot of fun. While some schools chose to focus their video on the graduating senior class, Franklin High School’s TV Club hopes as many people within the school will get involved as possible.

Demi Seremetis, sophomore and President of the club, said she hopes FHS’s sports teams, after school clubs, theater students, and anyone else interested in helping, get involved.

The video will include video clips of the sports teams, clubs, and even clips of students lip syncing to popular songs.

Seremetis also said the video itself will take place inside classrooms where clubs take place, outside in the field, in the hallway, and in the gym.

Filming will take place after school starting on September 21st, and it will not end until June. This is when when any student not involved in the making of it will be able to see the video in its entirety.