Community Service Club

Trevor O'Neill, Writer

Community Service Club is a club that has around 100 members and is a quick and easy way to get your community service hours done with some fun. The club is run by students: Tabitha Whitmore, Grady Moore, Chris Chieng, Rebecca Redwine, and Margaret Sandham. It is supervised by Mr. Malacaria, Mr. MacLean and Mr. Kane. Meetings take place every Friday in the lecture hall after school.

The concept of Community Service Club is simple, you come to a meeting, you join the classroom and sign up for what events you want to do. You can get the required amount of community service hours in 2-3 sessions. There are many events throughout the entire year that are fun and can get you involved in helping the community. It is free to sign up and everyone is welcome.

Tabitha Whitmore (Junior) and Kristen Smith (Freshman) are very involved members, both joining in their freshman year and Tabitha being one of the students who runs the club. Both of them say the club is very easygoing.

“Community Service Club is very beneficial and can make you feel good,” says Smith.

Community Service Club is one of the clubs where you can do things with your friends. According to Smith: “I have a lot of friends that do Community Service Club with me. My friends Mairead, Olivia, Andrea and my sister Katie all do it with me.”

The students who run the club, love the club. Whitmore said: “I do the club for my passion to help my community.”

Whitmore talked about her family and her friends being involved in the club, her parents running [one of] the Turkey Trot which is a popular event within the club, and her two brothers being members.

Smith and Whitmore both love the club and think it is great, but according to them it doesn’t come without difficulty.

“Since the meetings are so short, I have a hard time coordinating my plans,” said Smith.

Whitmore made a point that it conflicts with sports. Whitmore also said: “It really stinks that the meetings are on a Friday, who wants to do stuff on a Friday.”

Overall Community Service Club is a very easy and fun club that can really get you involved in the Community.