Join Happiness Club/The 40 percent

Sarah O'Donnell, Writer

Statistics show that most kids deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and not many are truly happy.

This year, Mr. DiBona, ninth grade English teacher, decided to create a club to help students find happiness in their world. All summer Mr. DiBona thought about the need for this club, and when he asked students if they would support the club, they immediately said yes.

Happiness club is nicknamed the “40 percent” to represent the percentage of our happiness that is controlled by ourselves. Fifty-percent of one’s happiness is genetics. Ten percent is live circumstances; 40 percent is stuff we control.

Joining this club could ultimately help your social life, home life, and school life. Participants in this club are all very excited at what’s to come as the year builds on.

When asked how this club affected him, Mr. DiBona said, “On me, it is very gratifying that kids engage in something with such an openness.” He also said that the club has filled him with happiness.

The club has multiple plans, but they are all secret. One idea that they have had already was to put quotes on every classroom’s whiteboard to appreciate the teachers.

The club meets every other Friday in room 332. Students can come for the entire meeting or ten minutes, it does not matter.

A fair amount of students from each grade are in this club, so freshman don’t worry you will not be alone. A select few seniors are the club leaders.

There is a classroom for students in the club, and to get the code and more information, contact Mr. DiBona at, [email protected].

Mr. DiBona plans to expand this club to the town of Franklin, but to find out how, you will need to join the club.