Select Chorus and “Songs of Community”


Devyn Forcina

FHS Select Chorus performs at Panther Pride Night 2017

Nora Kennedy, Writer

Students who have a passion for singing find themselves in Room 127 twice a week after school for an advanced chorus class.


Balance and tuning are a main focus, and they move at a more advanced level than the regular chorus. It’s early in the year, but they already have multiple songs that they are learning for upcoming concerts, like their winter concert called “Songs Of Community”. This is the first year where they will be singing at a themed concert. Later in the year, they will be performing a spring concert.


Chorus was one of senior student Sydney Robinson’s favorite classes throughout middle school. She wanted to join when she was a freshman because of that, and has been in the select chorus throughout all four years of high school. She likes how everyone there shares the same interest and can connect with each other. Select chorus is an opportunity for regular chorus members to further pursue their interest in vocal performance.


The class has about twenty students and mostly consists of upperclassmen, with a few freshmen and sophomores. These students auditioned to join the chorus in the beginning of the year. The Select Chorus meets every Monday and Thursday from 2:15-3:15 p.m and the Winter Concert is on Dec. 6 at 7:00 p.m.