Holiday Hacks

Emily Vinson, Writer

Does your holiday always seem to get stressful, no matter how hard you try to manage gift-giving, decorating, baking, and more? While the holidays are always busy, here are some ways to make your holiday go smoother:


  • Travel: According to Smarter Travel, December 21st and 22nd are some of the most expensive days to fly before Christmas Day, so if you are interested in saving some money this year, try to fly on other dates. Also, Business Insider shows that the busiest airport around Christmastime is Orlando International Airport in Orlando, FL.  Also among the busiest airports around the holiday season are: Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California; Denver International Airport in Denver, CO; and Newark Liberty International Airport, in Newark, New Jersey. If you are looking to travel through any of these airports, try researching other airports close by if you want to go somewhere less busy.



  • Decorations: If you want to decorate your house for the holidays, check out stores like Target and Big Lots. Purchases can add up over time throughout the holiday season. Elizabeth Clark, a junior, said, “I always spend too much, which is why I need to budget.” Target currently has $8 Philips lights on sale and 30% off Wondershop and Philips fake trees until Dec. 1. There are also $13 Wondershop stockings available. Big Lots is selling $36 inflatables to put outside your house and wreaths for $15 and up. These deals are also until Dec. 1st.


  • Things to do: One thing to do this holiday season is see Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  Also, you can ice skate in Boston at Frog Pond. Games with friends and family such as Secret Santa and Yankee Swap are popular among the holiday season. Catherine Grace, a junior, said she likes Secret Santa because “it gets everyone involved and in the holiday spirit.” Another fun thing to do with friends is decorating gingerbread houses, which can be purchased at craft stores such as Michael’s. Additionally, Kiss 108’s Jingle Ball is set to be at TD Garden on Dec. 4.


Overall, these tips can help make your holiday season enjoyable and stress-free! Happy holidays!