Traveling Into Summer Vacation

Bridget Goguen, Writer/Producer

During the summer months, 80% of families take a trip. As the weather warms, attractions and destinations open up and most people’s desire to see new sights and move around increases. These vacations can be a family tradition or a brand new experience locally, worldwide, or as far as people long to go. Although everyone’s summer vacation experience varies, there’s a shared craving to explore new things and come back home to Franklin with more stories and memories than when you left.

Throughout the ten months that we are actively in school, students occasionally go on vacation during week long breaks. However, vacation time really opens up when students have a more extended break in the summer.

Freshman Clare Bowen, who will be traveling to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, emphasized her excitement to get out of school and take a trip with family.

She said: “There’s so much freedom during the summer to go wherever you want with family or friends. You aren’t as impacted by temperature or deadlines during these warmer months.”

While long distance travels aren’t rare at all among FHS students, some prefer a nearby getaway with close friends. Freshman Olivia Giddings is one of these students.

She said: “I love going somewhere you can drive to, like Vermont or New Hampshire. It’s easier to get to and there’s still so much to do.”

Summer is the time to let loose and have fun with loved ones. Travel opens up the opportunity to learn about history, cultures, and different ways of life all while having fun in various environments. And, whether one’s summer vacation is spent down the road or far across the globe, the trip back to Franklin is one that everyone will embark on in the end.