Goodbye for Now, Europe!


Michael Walsh

Franklin High School students take on Europe while having fun and forming friendships!

Vedika Vinayak, Writer

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” … -Unknown

Traveling is a great experience to incorporate into anyone’s lives. New journeys, experience, and knowledge is encouraged by everyone especially teachers. Wanting to encourage travel in our community, Franklin High School initiated a Europe trip over the 2019-202o summer. Many students know about the trip but not the amount of effort and planning it took, as well as the memories and bonds formed.

Thanks to the flawless planning of the teachers, the students had no stress about the journey and could enjoy it. Ms. Ahern, the new superintendent as of 2018, wanted a way to bring the trips to FHS after learning that they were on a hiatus.

Chaperones have fun in Europe too!

“Trips and travel are powerful learning tools. You learn about places and history; it is important, wanted, and needed.”

Ahern explains why she brought the idea of a Europe trip to Franklin and also says that she could not have done it without the other people involved, Mr. Peri, Mr.Walsh, and Mr.McCarthy, to name a few.

Mr.Walsh and Mr.McCarthy had experience of trips from before, making them the perfect leaders for the Europe trip. Ms. Ahern reveals that the committee would like to have another trip based on the success of this one. Ultimately, the vision would be to have a system of a series of planned and predictable trips but as that would require much more planning, the hope is that at least one more trip will be achieved next summer.

There is no doubt that the student travelers enjoyed it to the trip’s fullest extent. They went to Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Krakow; all the places were filled with culture and history.

It was awesome. A really fun way to bond with classmates especially in my last year,” Isabelle Capecci (senior) explains.

History and culture were popular picks and thus, Berlin was many people’s favorites.

I liked Prague because of the pretty scenery and it was also surreal to see in person,” Jenna Forosisky says as she describes her personal favorite, Prague.

In answer to if they would every go do it again, Emily Reilly can sum it up, “For sure. It was a fun time to travel with friends, a good opportunity, and travel experience is always great!

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” … -Unknown

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